3iO – Let Forever Be by Hell Yeah Recordings

Ich liebe Coverversionen. Gut Gemachte umso mehr. „Groovejet“ von Spiller in diesem Jazz-Gewand zu hören, finde ich unheimlich erfrischend. Für „Born Slippy“ von Underworld brauche ich noch stärkere Jazznerven. „Let Forever Be“ von den Chemical Brothers hingegen hebt meine Stimmung ungemein. Vielleicht wird das mein Einstieg in den Jazz. Wer weiß. Das ganze Set von 3iO findet ihr hier.

„Let’s keep it simple, this dance meets jazz concept started as a joke: take a bunch of friends, discover that they are highly talented jazz musicians and propose them to do something a bit different, play and perform your favourite E-dance / alternative hits / chill out timeless classics into their contemporary jazz style…. shake it as it was your cocktail of choice and you have Serotonin Fuelled Jazz Covers.

3iO are Richard Maggioni (piano), Juan Manuel Moretti (double bass) Matteo Giordani (drums), they are not newcomers in the italian jazz circuit, they have already two albums on their back and with BACK TO NEW ROOTS they challenge themself with a new repertoire: Fat Boy Slim, Groove Armada, Chemical Brothers, Royskopp, Underworld, Spiller, DJ Shadow… just as you never heard them before.“

3iO – Groovejet (if this ain’t love) by Hell Yeah Recordings

3iO – Born Slippy (nuxx) by Hell Yeah Recordings



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